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Natural gas and biogas delegates’ meeting in Brussels to discuss biomethane

In the framework of Task 3 of the BIOSURF project covering the complex topic of cross-border biomethane trade, a small-circle meeting was held in Brussels on the 4th  September with the participation of representives of natural gas and biogas organisations: Gas Infrastructure EUROPE (GIE); European Network of Transmission System Operators – Gas (ENTSOG); Eurogas (representing the European gas wholesale, retail and distribution sectors); GEODE (the voice of local energy distributors across Europe); DENA – operator of the German Biomethane Registry; AGCS – operator of the Austrian Biomethane Registry; Green Gas Certification Scheme of UK; European Renewable Energies Federation (EREF); European Biogas Association (EBA).

The meeting was dedicated to the technical and administrative pre-conditions for cross-border biomethane trade by means of the European natural gas network and was focused on the issue of biomethane mass balancing in the European natural gas network for cross-border trade. The active, open exchange of views among the participants served the purpose of understanding each other’s concerns, approaches, positions and coming to mutually acceptable technical and administrative solutions. The participants concluded that biomethane cross-border trade is feasible under current legal framework and only certain technical and legal aspects need to be addressed and interpreted.

Biomethane Workshop held in Brussels with outstanding success

In accordance with the objectives of the BIOSURF project, the European Biogas Association (EBA) has organised a Biomethane Workshop in Brussels on the 3rd September under the title: “Future of Biomethane – will cross-border trade be feasible?” The event was fully booked. Over 60 experts have attended the workshop, among them the representatives of BIOSURF project partners (German Biogas Association, ARGE Compost and Biogas from Austria, AGCS from Austria, Renewable Energy Association from UK and EBA).

The presentations were provided by leading experts from organisations and companies: Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE – Brussels), Audi (DE), CNH (IT); Viessman-Carbotech (DE), RENEWTEC (SE), Future Biogas (UK), Energiforsk (SE) and EBA. A number of specialists attending the workshop expressed their satisfaction about the high professional level of the event. Issues addressed in BIOSURF (sustainability, GHG emission reduction, multiply uses of biomethane, cross-border biomethane trade) have received substantial attention both in the presentation and in the personal exchanges of views among the biomethane stakeholders. One of the key points of the workshop consisted on an overview of the progress and challenges towards a single European biomethane grid offered by Dr. Attila Kovacs, EBA Executive Board Member (the presentation can be found here).

You can find more information on this event here.

Biogas Channel interviews BIOSURF partners

During the BIOSURF meeting in Lodi, Italy, the Biogas Channel interviewed Jan Stambasky (President of EBA) and Attila Kovacs (Executive Board Member of EBA).

Mr. Stambasky first introduced the aim and scope of the Project, before explaining the role of the European Biogas Association as a partner of BIOSURF. When asked about the perspectives of biomethane in Europe, he immediately highlighted its great potential despite the efforts that are still needed in order to achieve the expected results in terms of production and implementation.

Mr. Kovacs on the other hand shared his expertise on the obstacles to the cross-border development of biomethane, especially the lack of harmonisation across countries. Nevertheless, he agrees with biomethane’s great potential for sustainable transportation, citing several current examples before stating his believe in biomethane’s “substantial role in the future”.

The ExpoBiogaz show honors liquefaction

The 4th edition of the show ExpoBiogaz, which ended June 18, recognizes the company EREIE for its solution of purifying biogas and for liquefaction of biomethane. The jury of the Trophy for Innovation chose the Cryo-pure product among 8 other selected. Another liquefaction system also was included among these finalists, namely Bio-LNG facility developed by DMT.

With a space dedicated to NGV (natural gas for vehicles), the Contest Innovation Trophy, a day of lectures and many exhibitors on the injection and fuel, the 2015 edition of ExpoBiogaz was largely directed towards the valorization “gas” of methanisation. A strong sign while industry players are still waiting for the government to show encouragement for CHP.

Liquefied biomethane

The Cryo-Pure technology is based on a physical separation of biogas. It generates two products: the biogas can be injected or used as a bio-LNG (biomethane fuel); and CO2 can be used in industrial applications. It fits biogas flow rates from 100 Nm3 / h and is applicable to agricultural biogas. It comes from a business development of the company EREIE.

Second Biosurf Trans-Association workshop


On the 19 June 2015, the second Trans-Association workshop of the BIOSURF project was held in Lodi, Italy, with 45 participants from the BIOSURF partners and from the stakeholders of the Italian network.

Please find here the agenda of the event, the presentations and the summary of the workshop.

The Project’s partners were brought together to share discussions that revolved around the project’s objective of encouraging the production and usage of biomethane as a renewable fuel by removing non-technological barriers.
As stated by Lorenzo Maggioni, head of the Research Department at the Consorzio Italiano Biogas (CIB), BIOSURF is a great opportunity to create a constructive dialogue on biomethane’s international regulations, incentive methods and technical standards in Europe.

The BIOSURF project started in January 2015 and will last for 36 months. It is co-funded by the Horizon 2020 European Program’s Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy Section.


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