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BIOSURF workshop for the promotion of biomethane in Romania

On the 21st of February 2017, a BIOSURF workshop was organised in Bucharest for the promotion of biomethane in Romania, with the aim to exploit and disseminate the results of the project outside its countries. It was attended by more than 50 participants.

Grigoris Papageorgiadis (ARBIO) welcomed the participants and showed a brief overview on biogas and biomethane in Romania. Then, Attila Kovacs (EBA) presented the biomethane production pathways, the benefits of biomethane in different sectors, and the challenges of biomethane trade. He stated that close monitoring of biomethane injected is important because operators need trust.

Diego Piedra-Garcia (FNR) presented a summary of the most important EU sustainability criteria regulations for the biomethane production, which are the Renewable Energy Directive, the Fuel Quality Directive, the Communication from the Commission on voluntary schemes and default values, and the Indirect Land Use Change Directive. Martina Conton (EBA) presented the calculation of GHG emissions caused by biomethane production.

Stefano Proietti (ISINNOVA) as coordinator of the BIOSURF project, presented a project summary, introduced the aim of the workshop, presented the project approach, its founding pillars and the activities so far undertaken.

Finally, Attila Kovacs (EBA) presented the concepts for cross-border biomethane trade. The proposed solution for cross-border mass balancing and transfer of sustainability claims is a special purpose voluntary scheme, named ERGaR (European Renewable Gas Registry).

Presentations and a brief summary can be found here.

The workshop was organised jointly with the beside event Biomass – the energy promise for environmental issues.

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Biogas day within CEBC in Austria

On 18th of January, in the frame of CECB, BIOSURF organized a biogas day.
The agenda, a summary of the workshop and presentations are now available.

Biomethane Workshop within the Austrian biogas conference in Graz – biogas16

On 19th of December Austrian Biogas Conference took place in the city of Graz. BIOSURF organized a workshop within the conference dealing with the possible GHG mitigation potential of biomethane production from organic waste, straw and manure.


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Biomethane injection deployment to resume in UK

Biomethane generators in the UK now have the results of the UK Government’s consultation on the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), which was issued in March 2016. One of the proposals in the consultation was to “reset” payment levels back to what they were at the beginning of the year.
On 14th December, the Government issued its conclusions, see hereIt’s mostly good news for the green gas sector.


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Might propane injection become a thing of the past?

Adding propane to biomethane to boost its calorific value is unpopular with green gas producers.  It is necessary to ensure the specification of network gas can be maintained.  Occasionally, biomethane can be blended without the addition of propane, if it is injected into a high flow rate pipeline and the resulting fall in CV is not material. (more…)

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