1st Biosurf Inter-Association Workshop Wien - 27 February 2015
2nd Biosurf Inter-Association workshop - Lodi,19 June 2015
3rd Biosurf Inter-Association workshop London - 16 December 2015
EBA Biomethane Workshop - Brussels, 3 September 2015

Agenda of the EBA Biomethane Workshop: Future of biomethane production – will cross-border trade be feasible?

Overview of different pathways of producing and using biomethane – Dr. Jan Stambasky, European Biogas Association (EBA);
The present status and future prospects of biomethane production through biomass gasification - Dr. Jörgen Held, CEO, Renewtec AB;
Latest developments in upgrading of raw biogas to biomethane - Dr. Alfons Schulte-Schulze Berndt, General Director Schmack-Carbotech Gm;
Power to Gas – key technology for the energy turnaround joining biomethane - Reinhard Otten, Audi;
CNH Industrial: CNG – LNG and Biomethane applications for Heavy Duty Vehicles - Giovanni Margaria, EMEA - Institutional Relations – Technical, CNH Industrial;
Technical and administrative conditions for injecting biomethane into the natural gas grid - Thierry Deschuyteneer, Executive Secretary, Gas Infrastructure Europe;
Natural gas and biomethane are complementary fuels - developments in Sweden - Dr. Mattias Svensson Specialist, Energiforsk - Swedish Energy Research Centre;
Biomethane UK “Stepping on the gas” - Philipp Lukas, General Director Future Biogas Ltd., Chairman of EBA’s Company Advisory Council;
A single European biomethane grid: Progress and Challenges - Dr. Attila Kovacs, Board Member, European Biogas Association (EBA).



BIOSURF workshop for the promotion of biomethane in Sweden-12 May 2016
Fourth Inter-Association Workshop - Berlin, 17 June 2016
Fifth BIOSURF Inter-Association workshop - Paris, 23 November 2016
BIOSURF workshop for the promotion of biomethane in Romania -21 february 2017
Biosurf workshop: side event Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue - Berlin, 22 March 2017
Biosurf Workshop: Biomethane in the natural gas network - Brussels, 5 April 2017
Biosurf_Workshop Agenda 
The joint Workshop organised by BIOSURF, ERGaR, Gie and Cedec took place in Brussels on the 5 April 2017, with the formal support of BIOSURF.  


Greetings and overview of biomethane in the European gas grid - Malene Hein Nybroe (Chair GIE Sustainable Future WG, Energinet.dk) - speech not supported by a presentation
Greetings and overview of biomethane production routes - Jan Stambasky (President, EBA)
The importance of Europe-wide distribution of biomethane for further expansion in the use of LNG/CNG in the transportation sector - Andrea Gerini (Secretary General, NGVA)
Renewable gases in the Commission proposal for the future Renewable Energy policy - Bernd Küpker (Policy Officer, EC DG ENER)
ERGaR: Tool for cross border transfer and mass balancing biomethane within the European natural gas network - Jeppe Bjerg (President, ERGaR)
ERGaR: cross-border transfer of environmental characteristics of biomethane - Attila Kovacs (Secretary General, ERGaR)
The ERGaR organisation - Martina Conton (Assistant Secretary General, ERGaR)
Experience from cross border biomethane trade - Mikkel Kynde (Portfolio Manager, NGF NE)
European biomethane standards for grid injection and vehicle fuel use - Arthur Wellinger (Senior Adviser, EBA)
CertifHy – Developing a European guarantee of origin scheme for green hydrogen - Wouter Vanhoudt (Director for Europe, Hinicio)


Sixth BIOSURF Inter-Association workshop - Budapest, 13 July 2017
BIOSURF workshop for the promotion of biomethane in Czech Republic – 6 October 2017
Biosurf Final Conference - Brussels, 24 November 2017
Scientific publications - Hungarian Biogas Association
BIOSURF workshop for the promotion of biomethane in Lithuania-10 November 2017
BIOSURF workshop for the promotion of biomethane in The Netherlands-5 December 2017
BIOSURF workshop for the promotion of biomethane in Belgium - 14 December 2017